15 Minutes: Denver

Recap: Seattle

Where it all went wrong

A call from a friend from the old days, Cal, finally got Jimmy, Pierre and Lanche together after months apart. Cal put them in touch with a new contact who was looking for a crew for a series of missions. Unknown to them the missions were being recorded on a full simsense rig by a new member of the group, an inexperienced but talented hacker known as Steeleye (or just Gary).
Steeleye’s drones and datasearch skills provided invaluable information during their missions together, and in spite of Pierre’s reluctance to trust the rookie he proved to be an important member of the team.
Unfortunately (for Gary), Chrome and his crew caught up with them, just as Ramirez had planned. But instead of attacking the group (and in spite of Pierre’s repeated attempts to kill him) he told them what was really going on. Gary, controlling his drones from inside Lanche’s van, attempted to override the locks to keep himself safe and escape, but Lanche’s familiarity with the vehicle won out. Pierre stunned the rookie with a taser and the group drove off with him, shaking pursuit from Ramirez’s mooks thanks to Pierre and a handy grenade launcher.
Shaken by the betrayal, the group decided to take a gruesome revenge. They took the unconscious rookie to an organlegging den and tortured him, recording everything on trideo using his drones, and everything he felt on his simrig. The torture was cut short by a black ops team raiding the den. They managed to leave through the back and escape, the assailants initially seeming more concerned with recovering Steele’s body.

It has since come to their attention that whoever Steele was, his death has pissed off some serious players within Ares Macrotechnology, one of the Big Ten, a member of the Corporate Court, and owners of Knight Errant, the privatised police force for much of the UCAS

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