15 Minutes: Denver

Freak Squad: Session 8

Paladin Health and Welfare Clinic successfully raided!
A messy, violent, but ultimately successful (and potentially lucrative) job

After sending the rescued troll, Caribou, on his way and overcoming the final obstacle on the way to their target (a canteen full of off-duty guards) our morally questionable heroes at last recover the data they’re looking for.
Searching through the years of medical records for anything that might be relevant to his own crusade, Jefferson discovers a pattern of metavariant patients, including two gnomes, being transferred to “Typhon.”

Mission results

- Complete PHWC medical records
- 2x Ares Predator pistols
- 2x Hardcorps rifles
- Bodies of 6x Hardcorps guards, 2 badly mauled, 4 killed with clean headshots
- 2x sets of Hardcorp full body armour
- Visitor logs from the Humanis Policlub in Archer Heights
- Quill’s gear

- Quill
- 1x eye-spy drone
- 1x Yoshimoto’s Van
- 1x Moral high ground



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