A Chromed-up Oni Security Specialist


Yoshimoto is a veteran security operative who has spent his life working for the Shaiwase Corporation.

Brought up in a society that values honour and loyalty, served well despite of the discrimination he faced for being an Oni, quickly proving his ability and acumen.

He left Shiawase abruptly, after over 20 years of service, when a routine crowd control job that was well under control turned into a massacre when Anvil Securities, a PMC that had been brought in to help, tested a new chemical weapon.

Unable to reconcile the acts he’d seen committed in broad daylight under the purview of his employers, he resigned, on the spot, and eventually ended up as Head of security on a quiet dockyard owned by an old friend. In a little over a month, he went from commanding over 100 men, to being in charge of 15. 4 part-timers, and 8 older than himself.

He had been in this job for a little over 3 months when he met Jefferson, and everything pretty much went to shit.

Yoshimoto sees himself as almost a parent figure for Amerith and Jefferson, feels responsible for keeping them safe. Hasn’t seen his own family since disappearing in disgrace



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