A Gnomish shaman PI, the face of the group. Summons bears.


Forced to flee Japan after his investigation into his family’s disappearance, with the help of Yoshimoto, revealed a shipping crate full of kidnapped Gnomes in a Renraku dockyard.

While attempting to secure the victims safe passage out of the country the dock was blown up, and Jefferson and Yoshimoto fled, aware that they were very likely next on the hit list.

With Amerith’s help they escaped to Denver, and set up a new life, never giving up his search for his family.


Strongly rumoured to be the mastermind behind the ‘great chain robbery’, a data theft so audacious that some folks blame it for being the inciting incident for the introduction of the recent matrix reconfiguration. An unprecedented amount of data was siphoned off from the primary Shiawase Data Farm in Tokyo, and routed through a chain of slave devices and networks so convoluted that even the Grid Overwatch Division’s most talented technomancers eventually lost the trail.
You’ve always denied having anything to do with it, and with your clearly limited technical knowledge no one would ever accuse you of being involved in the hack itself, but a few years ago some of the stolen data made its way to the public domain and the conspiracy theorists who’d been obsessed with the case managed to follow the trail back to you. The evidence is tenuous, but your frequent, frustrated denials have only made the otaku more determined to find concrete evidence linking you to the case, convinced that you were either that you instrumental in the construction of the network that pulled it off, or at least know who really did it.


15 Minutes: Denver PurpleSteve