Cal Greigsson

Fixer, Owner of Cal's Bar, Seattle


Cal is an old friend of Jimmy, Pierre and Lanche, and until recently, a trusted ally.
However, since the events in Seattle that led to the crew fleeing the city, certain members of the group have grown suspicious that Cal might not be the friend he once was. Though he was responsible for bringing the group back together again, and helping them back into the shadowrunning scene, the discovery that Cal was aware of the kind of job he had signed them up for might be enough to tarnish their trust in him.
Only time will tell.


Cal is one of the few former Shadowrunners who got out before the job killed them. After his ‘one last big score’ went south he made the wise decision to take it as a sign, called in a few favours and bought a bar in the Seattle downtown. While he doesn’t run the shadows any more, he’s still got plenty of contacts from the good old days, and his bar is frequented by a plethora of aspiring and veteran ‘runners. If you need a job doing, Cal’s the man to find you a crew.

Cal Greigsson

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