Campaign News

18/07/18 – Freak Squad!

Four Years! Holy shit.

Well, it’s time for another exciting round of “Can Steve GM an entire campaign without flaking out this time?!” Hopefully this lasts a bit longer than the last one, I’ve actually got a storyline this time!

Character pages should be up and editable with a little text and hastily searched pics, feel free to add whatever you like to them :)

The Wiki will gradually be updated so the relevant stuff is easier to find, and the Adventure Log might see the odd update here and there too.

Feel free to look around and remember some of the shenanigans and characters from the last game. The first campaign is still up Here If you want to go even further back, but the formatting is all over the place and I doubt I’ll ever go back and fix it up.

I’m going to start introducing the old reward system to encourage y’all to help fill out the wiki: If you write up a mission log or contribute to the wiki before the next session you can choose either 1 edge for the next session, 1 karma added to your character or ¥200 to be spent on what you like (you found a credstick on the ground, bought a scratchcard, hacked someones store loyalty account, or any other explanation you can think of).

Have fun!

06/07/14 – 2070

And we’re back! It’s taken a while, but we’re finally back up and running (ha ha). For those of you who weren’t around for our warmup session last week, the three amigos have successfully escaped Seattle, made their way to Denver, and are currently hiding out in a safehouse awaiting some new ID’s after abandoning their previous lives in something of a hurry.

And, of course, blatantly ignoring the advice of someone they’re paying a LOT of money to keep them safe.

Where will fate take them next? Will they spit in the face of good sense once again and end up being run out of yet another city? Only time will tell! (Spoilers: of course they bloody will)

05/09/13 – Denver

Welcome to Denver

Welcome to the streets of Denver.
And I had so many good things planned for Seattle. You Bastards.
So with the exception of Dan and maybe Johnty none of you have ever been to Denver before, and as such you know jack about this place, aside from what you’ve heard through the news. Most notably, you have no real contacts in this strange new world.

I’ve put a page up for all the info you need before we start up, including getting new contacts in Denver here, make sure you check it out.

15 Minutes: Denver

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