Welcome to Denver

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Welcome to Denver. Also known as the Front Range Free Zone.
Home of Ghostwalker, the great Dragon. Also known as ‘He who you shall not piss off under any circumstances’. (Seriously, if Ghostwalker decides he wants to chew on your bones you better bring your own ketchup.)

Wow, you guys screwed up good, didn’t you?

Word going round the wire is you stirred up some serious shit with some big players in Ares. What the hell were you thinking? You might have heard of a little subsidiary of theirs, Knight Errant? If they catch you no kind of fake SIN is going to help you out, and don’t expect due process neither. Cal filled me in on the deets of what led up to this little shitstorm, and if half of what he says is true you guys want to keep your heads well under the radar for, oh, I dunno, the rest of your fucking lives?


Ghostwalker is the glue that holds together the colossal mess that is Denver. The Front Range Free Zone is (currently) the meeting place of 6 different sovereign territories, not including the corporate sovereignties of the megas, and every border is heavily policed on both sides by the respective law enforcement of that territory. With such a discordant organisational structure, crime is rife, particularly smuggling between the many different territories. Life is hard for normal citizens, and the black market is a vital part of life for even the most law abiding.
But with so many rival factions vying for control of the city’s underworld there’s always work for someone willing to get their hands dirty.

That’s where you come in.

Welcome to Denver

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