The East Sheridan district of Denver is an uncharacteristically run-down area in the always advancing sprawl of Denver.

Surrounded by high rises and neon lights Sheridan is a derelict former suburb, where the houses are falling down and the roads are overgrown.

The exact details are unknown, but the area has been caught in a legal battle over ownership for over 40 years in spite of the best efforts of the PCC to take it over and develop the valuable real estate.

As the once cushy housing district fall into disrepair it’s been taken over by vagrants, gangs and other, more sinister, occupants. Most notably, and dangerous for the neighbours, are a pack of Ghouls, seemingly based at a Church on the edge of the Sheridan Memorial Park. Since the ghouls moved in the transient population has dropped significantly, and most metahumans avoid the area wherever possible, especially at night.



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