Shadowrun 5 and Denver

New Contacts

I’m going to allow you each to take a single contact at Connection: 2 and Loyalty: 1 for free. They can be whatever type you want, but the payoff is you must write a character page for them. Anyone giving their contact a decent backstory and a reason you know of them can add 1 to either that contacts Connection or their Loyalty.
Your character either must not have met this contact before or have, but only a brief encounter. Anyone you know welld is probably under investigation, so you really ought to avoid them for a while. This is someone you’ve know of rather than know, and might be able to get hold of if you can find yourself in the same circles they hang around in. You do not have any kind of direct line to this person, you’re going to have to find them the hard way…


The first think you’re going to need to do is ditch all your old fake SINs. Sorry guys, but Ramirez and Steele know too much, you’re going to have to start over.

Shadowrun 5 and Denver

15 Minutes: Denver PurpleSteve