Pueblo Corporate Council

The Pueblo Corporate Council is a corporate nation, a country organized in a similar manner as a corporation, with its citizens becoming shareholders. Occupying most of the American Southwest and southern California, the Pueblo are one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. Furthermore, of all the Native American Nations, it is also notable as the most friendly towards Anglos, even to the point of establishing an alliance with the CAS.


Pueblo is both a sovereign state and a for-profit corporation. The PCC offers two types of stock, preferred and residential. Preferred stock can be purchased and claimed by anyone, but have no voting rights. An owner of preferred stock instead has the ability to enter and live in Council territory, similar to an entry visa. Residential stock is only granted to Pueblo citizens and carry full voting rights. Pueblo does not allow dual citizenship, so a person must claim Pueblo citizenship exclusively in order to possess residential stock shares. While a citizen can buy or sell more residential shares, they may not sell their original citizenship share without becoming a non-resident alien.

The Board of Directors consists of twelve people responsible for governing the PCC. The board selects the president and various staff, departmental, and regional vice presidents, as well as develop major governmental policies.

The two major tribes of the PCC are the Zuni and Hopi. Other minority tribes include the Acoma, Laguna, Yaqui, and the Zia.


PCC functions as one large extraterritorial corporation. The annual rate of return on Pueblo stocks has consistently exceeded 16 percent for the past eight years since 2063, and Pueblo stock funds have consistently outperformed the Standard and Poor 500 index since 2031. (sona.89) The Corporate Council acts as a large financial company specializing in venture capital, banking, and insurance. This venture capital in turn supports and finances many of Pueblo startups in e-business and information technology, strengthening Pueblo’s presence on the Matrix. The offerings of state-subsidized insurance policies and business loans to Pueblo industry at reduced rates provides the industrial base to sustain its economic development.

As far as other corporations, Pueblo has several restrictions preventing major megacorporations from running amok. First, all residents and employees must have at least one preferred share to do business on Pueblo property. All corporations need an operating license to function on Pueblo land, and submit themselves to two audits a year by fair-trade auditors. Failure to meet the audit requirements can have the license of the delinquent corporation revoked.

As of 2062, Aztechnology had its operating license revoked in the PCC, and were told to vacate all facilities and pack up their operations in the PCC. They have been slow to comply, as to be expected.


Although they don’t like to admit it, Pueblo has its own homegrown mob, the Koshari


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Pueblo Corporate Council

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