The Front Range Free Zone

180px denverflag

Capital Denver
Government Ghostwalker/Council of Denver
Leaders Ghostwalker
Population 3,000,000
Currency by sector nationality


The Denver Metroplex consists of Boulder to the north, down to Colorado Springs to the south.
Following the Treaty of Denver, the city was divided between the UCAS, Aztlan and three members of the NAN: Pueblo Corporate Council, the Sioux Nation, and the Ute Nation. Denver and the surrounding territory became the Front Range Free Zone, a technically sovereign state governed by the Council of Denver.

In 2034, CAS seceded from the UCAS. Because of this the UCAS Sector was divided to accommodate a section for CAS.

Following Ghostwalker’s return in December 2061, the dragon destroyed the Aztlan Sector and removed the survivors.

In 2067, Ute was absorbed by Pueblo.

There is a maglev running north to south connecting the metroplex ran by Front Range Transit International. While there is a subway system that runs east to west that runs through only the Denver area. The subway has fallen in to disrepair with only one line still running and many unfinished tunnels.


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Map of Denver


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