Aurora Warrens

South of Buckley Air Force Base and the UCAS sector, east of the CAS Sector, on the outskirts of a city that tries to forget it exists, the Warrens are the rock and Denver is the hard place.

The Warrens is less a “place of interest” than a place to stay the fragging hell away from. You think the Barrens in Seattle are bad? They got nothing on this slum. Nothing. Matter of fact, the Warrens are still standing purely on the sufferance of the relocation committee, which could send the bulldozers rolling in on any giving morning.

The sector’s put no money into maintaining the high-density housing in the Warrens, and it shows. Lone Star patrols the area once in a blue fragging moon, DocWagon responds to calls from the Warrens on a “when we get around to it” basis, and firefighters could fragging care less about minimizing collateral damage. In real English, that means that the smoke-eaters will let a building burn to the fragging foundations if the fire appears to be well-entrenched, and concentrate on stopping it from spreading to surrounding buildings. Anywhere else but the Warrens, they’d make an effort to knock out the fire and save at least some of the building.

Most of the buildings in the Warrens have no power, phone, or sanitation hook-ups, and those that do receive these services illegally.

The Aurora Warrens are surrounded by a wall, either actually constructed, such as the CAS border or near Buckley Air-Force Base, or more unofficial, such as the Knight Errant patrolled rubble line of demolished buildings to the north that was built up during the Cholera Epidemic of 2069. The border is permeable however, and presents no major barrier to the average shadowrunner. It serves more to contain the poor and washed in one easy to control area.

Both the CAS and UCAS tend to dump their undesirables in this location, and while Aztlan would claim they have no undesirables, there is a sizable Spanish speaking minority in the Warrens.


Aurora Warrens

Source: Shadowrun Denver

Aurora Warrens

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