15 Minutes: Denver

Session 3: Summary

Based on a tip off from Cole, the gang head out to meet Barret, who’s has a job they might be interested in: some local Ghouls have been straying out of their normal territory and attacking Barret’s customers.

Their journey takes them straight through the abandoned district of Sheridan, where the ghouls are apparently based, but they see no movement on the way through: the district seems completely derelict.

While Jimmy goes inside to meet Barret, Lanche and Pierre stay in the truck, scanning the area with drones, and spotting a few heat signatures sneaking around the run down buildings.

Jimmy uses his military history and rank to befriend Barret, who explains that the ghouls in the neighbouring area usually keep to themselves, but two of his customers have been attacked recently and he wants them gone. He explains that they’ve been seen most frequently around a garage deep in the northern end of the abandoned area.

The gang head out to the garage and, in spite of some mysterious magical interference, easily take out a couple of feral Ghouls that attack. While Lanche and Pierre are checking the rest of the garage for ghouls Jimmy receives a message from the Astral plane.

The voice introduces itself, and explains that the ghouls are in the area at his invitation, even those that had lost their humanity entirely. He is unaware that they had been straying out of the district and promises to keep them under control in exchange for being left alone. He also promises the gang safe passage in and out of the area, and allows them to use the old garage as a base of operations in exchange for helping him to feed the ghouls- recently dead bodies that need disappearing are to be left in the park…



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