15 Minutes: Denver

Session 1: Summary

After they successfully escape their pursuers on the way out of Seattle, Chrome sends the group instructions on how to meet a contact in Denver who can make them invisible. For a fee.

With the orc’s help they cross the border into the Salish-Shidhe Council, and from there south into the Pueblo Corporate Council.

The entire journey takes three weeks, including 2 spent in a dead end PCC town, awaiting some low level fake IDs that will serve them in case of a random stop. Staying off the main freeways to avoid such encounters, and meeting contacts to help them avoid manned border crossings takes up the rest of the time.

Jimmy is somewhat despondent, having grown used to city life, and being suddenly dumped out in the sticks without even a ’trix connection. While waiting for the IDs he pretty much spends the entire time in any bar they can find.

Pierre uses up the vast majority of his stash over the course of their journey, and spends the time drinking with Jimmy to take his mind off the dwindling stash.

Lanche, accustomed to smuggling missions and long periods of waiting never shows any sign of discomfort.

When they finally reach the outskirts of Denver they arrive at the rendezvous to find their contact waiting for them.

Cole is stood by his truck, watching them approach. He checks the RFID tags they’ve been given by Chrome and waves them over. Jimmy studies Cole as they walk over, he’s remarkably nondescript. In fact, deliberately so. it takes a trained eye, but Jimmy can tell that he puts a lot of effort into being invisible.

Cole speaks directly to Lanche, ignoring the others: “We might need to lose the van. I can have it taken care of, but if we’re going into the city you’re coming in my truck”

The troll begrudgingly agrees: “But we’ve got a few toys to bring across”

Cole: “The van will be anonymised for you, but it’ll cost 500 on top of your accommodation, and another 300 for the bike”

Lanche goes to the van and starts unloading a crate

Cole: “What’s in the box?”
Lanche: “Personal effects”
Cole: “Leave it. It can come with the van”

Shortly after they arrive and are set up in Cole’s safehouse Jimmy uses his magic to help him and Pierre sneak out unnoticed to the nearby bar, where Pierre buys some cram from the local gang: The Halloweeners.



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