15 Minutes: Denver

Recap: Chrome & Ramirez

Once upon a time, an experienced team of shadowrunners named Chrome, Sally, and Mac accepted a unique job from a man who called himself Mr Johnson. The job was unique because, in addition to the expected tasks of larceny, kidnapping and murder, they were asked to record their experiences to be broadcast as part of an ultra-gritty simsense reality show.
Under the promise of anonymity and a hefty pay cheque, they set about embarrassing gangs, corporations and security forces, all in the name of entertainment. The recordings were distributed virally and with their origins heavily obfuscated, to ensure that none of the injured parties would be able to trace the deeds back to Mr Johnson or the team.
Everything went smoothly until the team found out just how much Mr Johnson, or Ramirez (as they discovered after much digging), was making from their partnership. Chrome approached him, wielding the new found knowledge and politely (in Chrome’s words) requested an alteration to the terms of their deal. When Ramirez refused the crew started making trouble, not enough to harm the enterprise but enough to send a message to their employer. Ramirez’s response wasn’t what they had hoped, he cut the deal off completely and vanished, leaving the crew with no job and the threat of the exposure of their recent work hanging over their heads. They agreed to go into hiding, biding their time until Ramirez resurfaced; intending to either get their jobs back or, failing that, to just cause as much trouble for the Aztlan as possible.



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